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“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”


Comparing Apples to Peaches & Pears

Your project is about more than aesthetics. The world is full of designers who can produce beautiful work. The important question is, Does the design fully support your brand promise and does it help your company achieve its marketing goals? I’m an expert in strategic design and publication management, including brand development, print production, print buying, communications and editorial management. I consider the whole project, its roots and each dynamic extension as critical pieces to larger complex issues. Careful consideration is given to every aspect of your brand in keeping with your company’s needs and perspectives.


Laying the Groundwork

Client needs and budgets are taken into consideration when estimating costs. A detailed estimate is provided for your approval before starting a job, and that estimate is adhered to unless project specifications change. A 30–50 percent deposit is required, depending on the size of the job, before work commences.


Growing the Right Ideas

Creative professionals have a way of making the work look easy, but good design does not grow on trees. It’s developed through a series of logical and critical stages, and sometimes through trial and error (we are human, after all). The details are important to produce a brand that can grow with your organization.


I believe in keeping it simple, therefore, my creative process goes through four core phases:

Phase 1 :: Research

Establishing a firm foundation for each creative direction requires digging deep for the details, especially the not-so-visible ones. I look for those seeds of information that can blossom into big results, and I’m willing to go the extra mile and turn over every rock to ensure the final results are true to your objectives. Our first meeting, once you’ve signed the contract, is a seed-gathering session. Prior to this meeting, I will have perused your website (if you have one), read several of your available publications, researched your competition and familiarized myself with your mission and vision statements. Comprehensive interview processes and, when necessary, observing your teams and members in action enable me to offer objective assessments and solid strategies for project development.

Get started with a BRAND BUILDING



This package is a great starting point if you’re looking to refresh your existing brand, or if you don’t have an actual brand strategy in place. Choose from Basic & Advanced Programs. All packages are customizable to address your specific needs.


Phase 2 :: Recognize

Design is more than pretty art. It’s an engaging message that evokes emotion and action. Once the details of your project are uncovered, we develop a plan of action, a detailed timeline, and explore creative strategies for getting your message to your members, donors and customers. During this phase, budding ideas begin to take shape. Creative solutions are presented as a series of concepts (usually two or three; more for identity projects) in which we establish major design elements, typographical treatments and marketing strategies.

Phase 3 :: Refine

After you’ve approved the preferred direction, I present comprehensive layouts that include a standard three rounds of revisions. While I have access to a vast array of stock photography and illustrations, I may explore custom options to give your organization, church or business distinctive results.

Phase 4 :: Reveal

I make every reasonable effort to keep production on time and on budget. I will also serve as your liaison to printers and other suppliers, manage the production process and perform on-site press checks to ensure the results meet—preferably exceed—your expectations.


There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.

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Thoughtful branding, marketing, and content strategies for nonprofits, faith groups, and purpose-driven businesses.

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